Granwood and Gransprung Refurbishment

Granwood Refurbishment Repairs

Repairs to Granwood and Gransprung Floors

With the correct maintenance, there is no reason why your Granwood or Gransprung floor should not last well over 40 years, as many examples of Granwood floors already have.

If the surface of your Granwood or Gransprung floor becomes damaged, it is possible to repair the floor by using our specially manufactured Granwood filler or by replacing individual Granwood blocks.

Damaged Granwood Blocks are removed from the floor and new Granwood Blocks fitted. It helps to blend in any new Granwood Blocks if the Granwood or Gransprung floor is sanded and resealed.

If a Traditional Granwood floor, which is attached directly to a concrete subfloor cracks, then this will be reflecting movement and cracking in the subfloor beneath. If the concrete subfloor is not repaired then cracked Granwood Blocks which are replaced will, in all likelihood, crack again.

If cracking or undulations occur in a Gransprung floor then it is very likely that moisture has entered the timber undercarriage of the Gransprung flooring system and so reference should be made to Granwood Flooring Limited at the earliest opportunity.