Granwood and Gransprung Refurbishment

Granwood Refurbishment - Sanding

Machine Sand and Recoat your Granwood or Gransprung Floor

With the correct maintenance, there is no reason why your Granwood or Gransprung floor should not last well over 40 years, as many examples of Granwood floors already have.

This major overhaul of a Granwood or Gransprung floor may be required every 10 to 20 years or so depending upon the type, quantity and intensity of usage the floor experiences.

Machine sanding and recoating a Granwood or Gransprung floor involves sanding back the surface to remove all the old layers of finish and dirt before applying three new coats of Granguard or Granstone Polyurethane. It is often possible to restore a Granwood or Gransprung floor to more than 95% of its original condition by sanding and recoating it.

Unlike with timber type floors, we do not look to remove a significant thickness of floor during the sanding process of a Granwood or Gransprung floor before applying new Granguard/Granstone. Indeed, we look to remove as little of the existing Gransprung or Granwood floor, if any, as is possible meaning that our floors can experience a full sand and coat a number of times if each one is undertaken correctly.

Please note, the sanding of timber type floors requires different techniques and equipment so competency in the refurbishment of timber floors does not guarantee the requisite skill set to refurbish a Granwood or Gransprung floor. Our own operatives only sand our own Granwood and Gransprung floors and use our only recommended coatings, Granguard or Granstone.

If any surface repairs have been undertaken then machine sanding and recoating the floor will help the new material blend in with the existing floor although a shade variation between new and old may still be visible.