Granwood and Gransprung Refurbishment

Granwood Refurbishment - Scrubbing

Scrub and Recoat your Granwood or Gransprung Floor

With the correct maintenance, there is no reason why your Granwood or Gransprung floor should not last well over 40 years, as many examples of Granwood floors already have.

A Gransprung or Granwood floor will need their Granguard/Granstone Polyurethane Coating renewing on a regular basis with the frequency of renewal dependent upon the type, quantity and intensity of usage a floor experiences. A heavily used sports centre will probably need to recoat their floor every 2 or 3 years or so.

A scrub and recoat of a Gransprung or Granwood floor involves scrubbing the surface of the floor to remove all the dirt and debris as well as abrading the surface to create a key for two more coats of Granguard or Granstone Polyurethane. The scrub and coating process is not designed to remove all the old lacquer and will also not remove any painted games line markings.

It is normal for a Gransprung or Granwood floor to be scrubbed and recoated several times before it becomes necessary to sand and recoat a floor.